Manage Your Money Email Challenge


GREENVILLE – Are you interested in getting your financial life in order? Do you want to begin the new year by improving your financial literacy and creating new financial goals? Join the Darke County OSU Extension Office for the Manage Your Money Email Challenge!

Manage Your Money is a financial literacy program that focuses on the following:

* Tracking your spending

* Financial goal setting

* Spending leaks

* Credit (knowing your credit score, and responsibly using credit)

* Developing a monthly budget

* Financial record keeping

* And more

This email challenge will guide participants through the Manage Your Money curriculum, each week covering new topics with messages that highlight the week’s objectives, money management tips, and a video presentation to help participants connect with the week’s information. Participants will have the advantage of working through this money management curriculum on their own time at a pace that works for their life. The email challenge approach to financial literacy is beneficial in that it brings financial education to people where there are, in a space where they feel comfortable. This is especially helpful when in-class workshops and one-on-one counseling may seem overwhelming.

How does it work? Adults with an email address can sign up to participate in the program. Once registered for the program, participants will receive two free weekly e-communications, containing wellness tips. Pre- and post- online-survey assessments are used to collect comments to improve future challenges and track participant progress.

Are you interested in participating in this online challenge? Sign up at You will be enrolled and begin receiving e-communications starting the week of Jan. 6. The program is funded by Ohio State University Extension.

If you have additional questions, contact Dr. Roseanne Scammahorn, 937-548-5215 or [email protected].

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