Readying for next chapter in life


Well, this is it. No more weekly columns coming from me.

Who knows what the future will hold. I will just live for the moment.

It’s been great doing this column not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of articles I penned over the years. When I first was told I would have to write a weekly column, I cringed, but I learned to love it and give it a special flair with my birthdays and anniversaries (just like former columnist Betty Grimes did in her Union City News column), my prayer lists and my personal thoughts.

I plan to keep this information going somehow, probably on Facebook but not in a lengthy fashion.

Those of you who want to keep in contact can message me on Facebook, email me at [email protected] or call me at home, 1-937-337-1955.

Facebook is where I got and still get many of my story ideas. If someone did something interesting or earned special recognition, I was quick to contact them and usually talked them into doing a story. And, I thank those who did respond. There is a story in everybody and that made my job easier.

I won’t miss some of the long meetings that take place nor will I miss having to write about a contoversial subject, even though I know that’s part of the newspaper business. I try to stay positive in my writings.

I saw the following post on Facebook and I’d like to end my lead here with this:

Twelve things to always remember:

1. The past cannot be changed

2. Opinions don’t define your reality

3. Everyone’s journey is different

4. Things always get better with time

5. Judgments are a confession of character

6. Overthinking will lead to sadness

7. Happiness is found within

8. Positive thoughts create positive things

9. Smiles are contagious

1. Kindness is free

11. You only fail if you quit

12. What goes around comes around.

Like Tim McGraw sings, “Be humble and kind.”

With that, so long and happy trails.


Son Jamie and I extend our condolences to the family and friends of (sister-in-law) Nancy Miller Moody and Kerry Abel.


Please pray for: Betty Grimes, Tonya Francis Fennig, Jon Snyder, Jerry Riffell, Theresa Howerton, Jayden Martin, Wilma Flack, Larry Doyle, Darby Gilland, Albert Duncan, Vicky Henderson, Terri Hunt, Doug Bruns, Barbara Heck, Randy Heck, Gabriel Gilbert, Dolores Bowman, Vanessa Paris, Marilyn Hittle, Toni Meyers, Angie Young, Shirley McEdowney Billenstein, Donna Cruze Hall, Chuck Jones, Gary Henderson, Keith Foutz, Linda Mikesell-Schatz, Jeromy Burke, Kenny Edwards, Margaret Rhoades, Todd Thwaits, Melissa Riffell Mansfield, Mike McCord, Al Hurley, Norman Lyme, Mary Lane, Wayne Neal, Judy Francis, Darcy Buckingham, Jim Loy, Jim Thiebeau, Mike Lyme (of Ansonia), Lyle Cochran, Don Moyers, Shirley Miller, classmate Jim Hunt, Lindsey Purnhagen, Larry Arnett, Vanna Hannam, Greg Comer, Frank Fullenkamp, Cheri Antrobus Davis, Haskel Howard, Guadalupe Self, Paul Brubaker, Lila Pinney, Kelly Van De Grift, Merlin “Bus” Booker, Danny Brown, Jack Hale, Jessi Klosterman, Dakota Miller, Jack and Carol Good, Mary Ullery, Martha Higgins, Scott Clark, Duke Temple, Phyllis Turner, Kerry Young, Dale Clark, Judi Peters, Linda Birt Schaffer, Herbert Bayman, Roger McEowen, Becky Garrett-Ross, Crew Neaves, Jackson Stout, Katie Rehmert, Alayna Marie Brantley, Dawn Oldiges, Don Booker, Tracy Pratt, Jim Marker, Mason Osterloh, Kyndal Wynk, Ron Kreitzer, Stacy Dorko, Keith Starks, Kohen Thwaits, Jerrod Pratt, Al Bliss, Layna Best, Wanda and Joe Bailey, Shelly Hoffman, Pappy Harshman, Bob Hiestand Jr., Tina Kiser Deaton, Lois Hittle, Kevin Hemmerich, Samantha Smith and Ron Kramer.

In some form or other, I will try and keep people informed of those in need of prayer in the future.


Happy birthday:

Aug. 6 to Troy Gasper, Laura Hile Turner, Dann “Slug” Widener, Tia Rhoades, Renata Simmons, Cindy Lovejoy and Rita Leis.

Aug. 7 to Shelba Kelly, Rick Hyatt, Erica Barga, Dave Fitzgerald, Allen Newbauer, Iris Hathaway, Hunter Burns, Zoey Bruns, Hayden Burns and Barb Hess.

Aug. 8 to Ty Gasper, Dick Billenstein, Matt Hiestand and Linda Archey.

Aug. 9 to Kathy Moody Wagner, Jason Billenstein, Lisa Parsons Miller, Adia Brooks, Kim Ward, Steve Garland, Barb Westgerdes, Brent Coursey and Robin Grice.

Aug. 10 to Tom Lawson, Herman Lutz, Doug Leis, Krista Widener, Keith “Slick” Schlechty, Brenda Brinley, Tammy Subler Morrison, Tonya Blocher, Ryan Cox, Janet Webb and Gwen Tinkle.

Aug. 11 to Emily Peters Smith, Michele Arthur, Stanley Duncan, Gary Middleton, John Farmer, Darlene Fullroth, Lois Fowble, Chris Miller, Linda Hartzell Moore and Diane Barga.

Aug. 12 to Patty Hinkle, Paul Hartzell, Jordon Wright, Debbie Nestor Baker and Mike Clack.

Aug. 13 to Brad Albritton, Roxanne Rehmert, Mattie Hiestand, Brittany Ulman, twins Ross and Grace Dapore, Troy May, T.J. Phlipot, Sondra White, Rich Hadden and Lane Clark.

Well, my birthdays and anniversaries end here but I wish everyone whoever has a birthday for the rest of my life to continue to have happy ones.


Happy anniversary to Hugh and Melinda Linebaugh on Aug. 10; Randy and Mindy Ward on Aug. 11; and Tom and Shila Magoto and Doug and Carol Riffle, all on Aug. 12.


Think about it: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss


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