Greenville ‘Clean Up’ days, April 12-16

GREENVILLE — Rumpke Waste Incorporated will provide Spring Clean Up service for the residents of the City of Greenville during its scheduled pick-up day of the week of April 12 through April 16, 2021. (This is for large items only — no bags.)

Rumpke encourages residents to set out items for collection on the evening BEFORE their normal collection day. The following is a list of items that will NOT be included in this spring cleanup:

* Tires

* Liquids and/or hazardous waste

* Lead acid batteries

* Appliances containing CFCs (Freon)

* Concrete

* Oil tanks

* Large screen TVs (not manageable by one person.)

The following is required of acceptable items:

* Loose materials (such as carpeting, fencing, fence posts, etc.) must be bundled and tied. Each bundle should not exceed 4-feet in length and 2-feet in diameter or 75 pounds.

* Propane tanks must be empty and valves removed for collection.

* Large screen TVs must be manageable by one person to be collected.

* Appliances with CFCs removed, and clearly documented as such, will be acceptable for collection.

* A Refrigerant Recovery Statement must be attached to appliances for collection.

* No yard waste without stickers.

Each resident may place out for collection up to five (5) large items on their regular pickup day during this week.

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