Rudnick-Hosek Law Office expands, moves


GREENVILLE — A local law firm is showing how change can be good.

The Law Office of Rudnick & Hosek, Ltd., moved locations Thursday. This general practice law firm has moved four times in the last 40 years.

Partner Scott Rudnick said the change is due to steadily growing business. With these statistics in mind, they purchased the new building with the notion expansion will continue.

“It is three times the space we had before but we intend to expand,” Rudnick said. “The previous building was 120 years-old. We want to build something that will last another 40 years.”

“How about another 120,” Partner Nathan Hosek asked?

Attorney Alexander Pendl spoke up about how they were lucky the new building went up on market stating it is easier to get in clients because it is a level building with more access than the previous building on Third Street.

“It has more accessibility and parking,” Hosek said.

“It was a big leap for us, but we want to keep moving forward to better our practice for our clients,” Rudnick added.

The Law Office of Rudnick and Hosek is a general practice law firm which strives to help all clients. They said they have turned themselves into what the people of Darke County need, so the clients can receive a full service.

“We’re a one-stop shop,” Rudnick said.

Pendl claims the good thing about having a wide variety in the office is even if a customer comes in not knowing the type of issue they have, there isn’t an issue because he can send them to the right place to get their needs met.

“It is fulfilling to hand them off to someone who can help them.” Hosek said.

The law firm works to give clients the best and most efficient service possible. The firm is open 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays, but if those times do not work, a time request may be made.

Rudnick & Hosek is located at 200 W. Main Street in Greenville.

For more information regarding the firm visit

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