Canvas of many colors


Carol Marsh

GREENVILLE — Last month, community members, family and friends, both young and old, came together to share their love of art by taking the opportunity to create a canvas of many colors.

The Great Darke County Fair’s Fine Arts Department hosted a special event wherein fair-going visitors could not only stop by and appreciate the many prize-winning pictures, paintings, photos and sculptures on public display, but also engage in creating art projects themselves — one of which was the “Unity Piece: Better Together.”

Artists of all ages, whether four or four score, were invited to create colorful images of butterflies, hot air balloons, or hearts. Each 4 x 4 canvas was placed, side by side, in alternating rows, to create a quilt-like design bursting with color, tone and shade. In all 72 smaller canvases were placed side-by-side to create the larger work, which measured 32” by 39” when completed.

“My team and I drew a selection of things that were ‘light and airy’ on the canvas, trying to provide unity among those of different age groups,” said Fine Arts Secretary Amanda Mote, who envisioned the community project at the 2021 Fair. “I think this is definitely something we will continue in the future!”

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