Commissioners discuss OSU extension, delinquent sanitary charges


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Monday to discuss the OSU extension, electronic signatures, and delinquent sanitary charges. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Michael Stegall, and Larry Holmes were all present.

OSU Representative Rhonda Williams came to the meeting to give an update regarding the OSU extension in Darke County.

“We had a very successful but very hot fair,” Williams said. “It was good to be back and have a typical fair.”

She said the fair did a good job highlighting local talent in a way the fair has never done before. As well, the board and Williams discussed and joked about an ongoing research project regarding Armyworms and pesticides that can be used to help try and eliminate the issue.

“You better hope the Armyworms don’t turn into Air Force worms because then they could fly,” Commissioner Stegall joked.

The board also approved Resolution (R-289-2021), to establish a policy regarding electronic signatures in Darke County. The purpose is to facilitate the appropriate and lawful usage of electronic signatures.

“With all the programs and federal grants going through our auditor’s books, we realized we didn’t have an electronic signature policy, and we needed one,” Commissioner Aultman said.

The commissioners also approved Resolutions (R-292-2021) through (R-298-2021), to certify to the county auditor for charging delinquent sanitary charges. The charges are due and payable and in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 6117.02, Section 729.49, and OAG-66-090if the sewer charges are not paid. If the charges aren’t paid,they may be placed in the real property tax and duplicate against the real property served by the sewer connection. This is to ensure the unpaid charges are taken care of in the way of other taxes.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at the county administrative office located at 520 S. Broadway in Greenville. For more information, contact the commissioner’s office at 937-547-7370.

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