Greenville hosts wildest show on dirt


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Lights came on in the Grandstands to illuminate the wildest show on dirt.

The Extreme Rough Stock Tour came to the Darke County Fairgrounds Saturday for an evening of extreme sports at this year’s Feast & Fest Food Truck Rally & Craft Show.

The tour featured young and old talent from across the United States along with some local talent. Laura, a freshman from Arcanum, sang the National Anthem before the event.

“As Americans, we all came together as one. Men and Women united,” Trail, the MC said. “Tonight we show them a little appreciation and gratitude.”

The rodeo took place on the 20 anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. To honor those involved with the events of that day, the crowd sang, “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood. After paying tribute, Trail prefaced his prayer with a statement that got the crowd up and cheering.

“The flag represents multiple things, and one of those things represents freedom of religion,” Trail said.

He continues to ask those who are willing and able to bow their heads and pray with him. He prayed for everyone’s safety in and out of the arena, including the crowd as they drove home later that night before starting the rodeo off with bucking broncos.

“Wow!” a young boy shouted from the crowd. “Now that’s a Buckin’ Bronco.”

The rodeo was a crowd pleaser. Audience members from two to over 80 alike were memorized by all the excitement. Dave Martin had the crowd laughing, as he provided the comedy for the night, as he and Trail bounced skits off each other.

“Hey Trail, those guys are matadors right?” Martin said. “Well, I’m a pickador.”

“What’s a pickador?” Trail asked.

“Well, if a bull comes near me, I pick a door and get out of here,” Martin said.

The rodeo provided bucking Broncos, bull riding, barrel racing, midwest moves, and crowd involved games. Bull games were a crowd favorite, as it brought both a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Players were to stand in a baby powder circle inside the bull ring and not move. The objective was to be the last one left standing in the circle after the bull was released from the pin. It provided a thrilling adrenaline rush for everyone involved, and Sam Arnold ended up taking home the title.

The rodeo not only brought entertainment to Greenville, it provided a healthy environment to rekindle young love.

“It is the first time we have been out to a rodeo since our third date in high school,” Jordann Bannon said.

She and her husband have been together for eight years and have three children. She said it was nice to make this new memory while reminiscing on the original one.

“The rodeo should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list at least once,” Jessica Meinke said. “It’s a unique form of entertainment everyone can enjoy.”

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