Solar is not good enough for Darke County


“NO to a proposed solar array project on Darke County Farmland.”

I oppose this possible project (called the Painter Creek Solar Project by Apex Energy, even though it isn’t close to Painter Creek, the company doesn’t know any better though not being from around here).

There is a real lack of regulations in Ohio that could be used to protect adjacent landowners from the encroachment and negative residual impacts of the prospective project. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Water movement is huge and can cause major issues with wells and land usage especially, when the photovoltaic cells may be placed directly on the property lines next door. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Rights in our nation are not absolute. Nor were they ever intended to be. What we do within our rights can only go so far before it infringes on the rights of our neighbors. Our neighbors who are landowners that have signed lease agreements with Apex Energy believe their rights are more important than those of their fellow citizens. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The company Apex Energy spins a tale of wealth and wonderful interaction with the local area. We have seen none of this. NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Their communication has been in secret with the landowners. No communication (only after we called them out) with the greater community that may be affected by their prospective build. The company claims to be committed to being a good partner with the community. They are not willing to come and negotiate a reasonable setback for the prospective build from property lines which should be greater than 500 feet from adjacent land. Instead they say that they can build within 300 feet of someone’s home. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The company says they will grow grass around the paneled areas and maintain it. We wanted mounds built as well to ensure that water runoff doesn’t move to the adjacent lands. The company said that mounds are probably not feasible. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The neighbors who are landowners that signed lease agreements with Apex Energy have not taken the time to respectfully inform or attempt to educate their fellow community members about this prospective project. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

In the current environment of laws that do not restrict the building projects for renewable energy mega electricity plants in Ohio, the answer locally has to be: NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

This is why I oppose and call on you to oppose the prospective project from Apex Energy in Darke County, Ohio, because it is truly NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Please come to the meeting to be held on Nov. 8 at 6 to 7:30 p.m. at EUM Church on Sater Street in Greenville for a Town Hall educational session about this important local issue that affects us all. Agriculture loses if solar wins.

John P. Beard

Vice President DCCPA

Greenville, Ohio

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