State Representative Jeffrey Crossman announces run for Ohio Attorney General


Staff report

COLUMBUS — Today, State Rep. Jeffrey Crossman (D-Parma) announced his campaign for Ohio Attorney General. In his announcement video, Crossman emphasizes his working-class background and outlines how his upbringing will help make him an effective Attorney General, who will look out for the interests of working Ohioans rather than the special interests that have thrived under the current administration. As State Representative, Crossman helped lead the effort to remove disgraced former Speaker Larry Householder from office and has worked tirelessly to demand accountability from Ohio politicians involved in the HB 6 scandal, the largest public corruption scandal in Ohio history.

“As your Attorney General, I’ll fight like hell to clean up Columbus and stand up for you. I’ve seen enough, and I want to do something about it,” said Crossman in his announcement video.

Crossman has spent his career fighting for Ohioans, including as a lawyer who fought to keep Ohioans in their home, as a State Representative who directly took on the corruption that has permeated the Ohio Statehouse and as a City Councilman who worked to improve local neighborhoods and keep them safe.

Crossman has served in the Ohio House of Representatives since 2019, representing the 15th District, which includes Parma, Brooklyn Heights, Cuyahoga Heights and parts of Cleveland. Before serving in the House, Rep. Crossman served on Parma City Council. He’s a practicing attorney and earned his law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law after graduating magna cum laude. Crossman is also a board member of the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland and the former Vice President of Hunger Network’s Board of Trustees.

A full transcript of Rep. Crossman’s announcement video can be found below:

I’m Jeff Crossman and let me tell you why I’m running for Ohio Attorney General. As a state legislator, I’ve seen enough of phony politicians doing their best to divide us while favoring special interests over you.

In Columbus, you deserve someone like you fighting for you. I grew up in a small town near a big city, rooting for my hometown. I watched my single mom work hard everyday to raise her three children, make ends meet, stressing the importance of family and community.

And on my way to school every day, I went past the factory where my grandparents worked, along with half the rest of the town. And just like in so many other Ohio towns, those jobs are now gone. The first in my family to finish college, I worked full-time and put myself through law school at night.

Everyone around me growing up, we knew we needed to work hard to earn everything. Nothing was ever given. And that’s the story of so many Ohioans that Columbus politicians forget.

As a lawyer, I helped Ohioans keep their homes in a crisis. And as a legislator, I fought against the corruption that’s been holding Ohio back.

As your Attorney General, I’ll fight like hell to clean up Columbus and stand up for you. I’ve seen enough, and I want to do something about it.

I’m Jeff Crossman. Join me and together let’s take back our state.

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