Garbage truck Santa surprises Greenville children


Staff report

GREENVILLE — A Rumpke driver went the extra mile to bring Christmas smiles to children on his route Dec. 16.

Rumpke driver Ray Perkins dressed up as Santa Claus and delivered presents to a few of his biggest fans on his Greenville route. He delivered a bike, a doll, a Lego set, and then presented a special gift to his biggest fan — a diecast Rumpke garbage truck.

Perkins, who has been a Rumpke driver for just over a year, said he hopes to make this an annual tradition and to include more of his Rumpke coworkers in the fun next year.

He shared that he decided to play the part of Santa this year to give back to the community. He appreciates all of his customers and the small signs of appreciation they give him from the friendly waves to cold water in the summer, and he hopes that his customers enjoyed their visit from Santa.

“Rumpke has so many great team members,” said Molly Yeager, Rumpke corporate communications manager. “We love to hear these heartwarming stories of how our drivers go above and beyond for our customers.”

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