EverHeart Hopsice’s 2nd annual luminaria a touching evening


Staff report

GREENVILLE — More than 130 members of the community spent time remembering their loved ones during EverHeart Hospice’s second annual A Time of Remembrance-Luminaria Memorial drive-thru, held in December.

Sarah DePoy, the Bereavement Coordinator at EverHeart Hospice and organizer of the event, shared, “It warms my heart to see everyone come out to A Time of Remembrance. I was handing out our gifts at the end of the drive-thru, and hearing the thank-yous and words of gratitude from the attendees, was overwhelming. Knowing that our event is helping them work through the healing process of their grief is truly touching.”

This year was the first time Beverly Baltes, Volunteer Coordinator at EverHeart, helped with the luminaria.

Though she wasn’t sure what to expect, she was still overtaken by surprise at the visceral response she experienced. Thinking of the lost lives represented by each glowing luminaria was heartbreaking; each one holding the place of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends.

“When helping someone find the luminaria of their loved one and seeing the light of remembrance on their faces as they recalled last words spoken, the last embrace, that last look, my heart was overwhelmed.”

The event also included an homage to Veteran patients, with a special patriotic display of American Flags lining the luminarias, and a veteran volunteer on duty to show his respect for the lost veterans.

Beverly recalls the emotion felt that evening.

“Whenever I looked at the volunteer, Richard Hyatt, himself a veteran, standing at attention, holding the large American flag, standing vigil over the luminaria of the veterans, I could hold back the tears no longer. This event will be one of those wonderful memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

A video will be released in the coming weeks highlighting the event for those unable to attend, or for individuals wanting a look back on the night. A special thanks to Nathan Leatherman of Captured Video & Photography, volunteering his time to record the evening; Wayne HealthCare, all individual donors, the Greenville Fire and Police Departments, and all EverHeart staff members and volunteers who helped with this event.

For more information on bereavement support that EverHeart Hospice offers to patients, families, and anyone in the community, visit www.everhearthospice.org, or contact a team member at 800-417-7535.

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