Brown talks with Darke County business leaders about jobs, infrastructure investment


Staff report

DARKE COUNTY — Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) spoke virtually with business leaders at the Darke County Chamber of Commerce about jobs, industry and potential projects in the community from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which Brown helped to write and pass, and other community concerns.

The bipartisan infrastructure law will allow Ohio communities to upgrade outdated bridges, roads, transit, and water and sewer systems and to build new broadband networks.

“Much of my focus over the coming months will be ensuring Ohio communities get their fair share of these federal investments. Ohioans know best what their communities need,” said Brown. “This is a jobs bill. It will create jobs doing the construction projects, it will connect people with jobs, and it’ll create jobs throughout the supply chain because we worked to make sure this bill has the strongest Buy America requirements ever in an infrastructure bill.”

Brown has already hosted a briefing with the U.S. Department of Transportation for Ohio local government officials on the funding opportunities available to Ohio communities as a result of the bipartisan infrastructure law, to ensure Ohioans get their fair share of investment. The infrastructure plan includes key provisions like Brown’s Bridge Investment Act, which will provide $12.5 billion in funding to repair and replace the 3,200 bridges across Ohio in need of repairs and updates, including the Brent Spence Bridge. The package will also mean Ohio receives $9.8 billion of formula funding to repair, replace, and upgrade roads and bridges throughout the state. The infrastructure investment will also mean nearly $1.3 billion for Ohio public transit agencies. It also includes Brown’s Build America Buy America Act, which will ensure American labor, iron, and steel are used for these publicly funded bridge, broadband, waterway, and public transit projects.

“Senator Brown brings decades of experience in shaping public policy, and has specifically focused on manufacturing and building a strong workforce,” said Katie DeLand, the Darke County Chamber Legislative Subcommittee Chairman. “We appreciate his time and insight this morning with our many Darke County business leaders, who will be able to share their perspectives on various industry concerns and trends, and also hear from Senator Brown on his work in Washington to position our nation and state as strong economic leaders for the future.”

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