MVCTC students place in Drop the Mic public-speaking contest


By Lilly Severance

Guest Contributor

UNION CITY, Ohio — Mississinawa Valley CTC FFA members Sierra Grim, Daniel Hartzell, Ben Hartzell, and Aldon Edger, traveled two and a half hours across Ohio to Bloom-Carroll Schools on Jan. 29, 2022. There they participated in an event called “Drop the Mic” where they had to speak on different topics before a group of judges.

The long drive provided a lot of practice and time to prepare. When they got to Bloom-Carroll, Sierra, Daniel, Ben, and Aldon were ready. Aldon had to recite the FFA Creed from memory and answer questions about it. He did it so well that he earned first place. We are proud of Aldon!

Daniel had to write a five- to seven-minute speech on an agricultural related topic of his choice. He then had to memorize that speech to recite to a group of judges and answer questions about it. Daniel did so well that he received third place. Awesome job, Daniel!

Ben had to write a six- to eight-minute speech about an agricultural related topic, memorize it, and answer questions. Ben got fourth place. Way to go, Ben!

Sierra had to write a speech in 30 minutes on a topic that she had not heard of beforehand. This speech had to be four- to six-minutes long, and she had to answer questions at the end as well. Sierra placed sixth. Great job, Sierra!

MVCTC FFA is beyond proud of all the work, dedication, and effort put in by these four students.

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