Two guilty in Common Pleas Court


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE – Two people entered a guilty plea in the Darke County Common Pleas Court. Judge Jonathan P. Hein presided.

Corey Hobbs, 33, entered a guilty plea to possession of methamphetamine, a felony of the fifth degree, via video conference between the courthouse and the jail. Judge Hein is holding the guilty plea and agreeing to the terms of the ILC where Hobbs will be placed under community supervision for up to 60 months as long as he continues to go to treatment.

If Hobbs fails to abide by all of the terms, he will be found guilty of the charge. He will then face up to 12 months in incarceration with a $2,500 fine, all of which are not mandatory.

After being released from jail, Hobbs will go to the recovery center. He is also required to complete 100 community service hours.

Ralph Turner entered a change of plea, via video conference, to aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony for possession of fentanyl. His defense attorney, Nicole Pohlman, stated there was a restitution of $195 for lab fees.

Turner reiterated the facts of the case as he was charged after getting pulled over, and officers found the drugs. He faces a maximum of 12 months and a $2,500 fine, all of which are not mandatory. He could also face up to 60 months of community supervision. His sentencing date is set for April 28.

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