Versailles FFA hosts 87 annual banquet


By Meladi Brewer

VERSAILLES — The Versailles FFA hosted its 87th annual Parent-Member Banquet Monday, March 14, 2022, at the Versailles Cafetorium.

The event was held to honor those who have helped take the Versailles FFA chapter to where it is today. A total of 536 Versailles FFA members and guests were in attendance at the event. The theme this year was growing knowledge and harvesting leaders with the Versailles FFA.

“This is fitting, as the FFA helps its members become more knowledgeable in agriculture and allows them to gain quality leadership throughout their experience,” President Dalton Hesson said.

Hesson explained they are blessed to have two agricultural education instructors that instill leadership into each member.

“Ms. Bergman, you taught me to serve this chapter with laughter, as you never failed to crack jokes and have a smile on your face, even when times were tough. Mrs. Wuebker, I have never met anyone so passionate about the future of agriculture, as what you are,” Hesson said.

He said Wuebker has instilled hard work and dedication into every student she has ever had; that hard work and dedication in anything you are involved in will lead you to do great things. These leaders not only helped guide him and his fellow members into being model students, but has helped them grow personally as people and together as a community.

With exceptional leadership and talented students, it comes at no surprise the Versailles FFA has grown to be one of the top FFA Chapters in the state, as it has won numerous awards, such as community awards, district, state, and national awards. The FFA is made up of winners, but for Versailles Superintendent Aaron Moran, winner means something a little different.

“Here’s my thoughts. It’s not just that the FFA has more talented people, and it’s not the sheer number with 180-plus kids. Just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they’re great,” Moran said. “What makes them winners is their commitment and determination for the program.”

He said anyone who has seen all the programs or received the emails with the start, “it’s been a busy week” would know the time and commitment it takes to be a part of a growing program.

“It’s that constant drive and determination that sets this FFA chapter apart not just from other FFAs but from other programs. The personal sacrifice that these kids make to be successful, is what makes them winners,” Moran said.

FFA is more than a classroom or winning for some of the students. Hesson, in his retirement speech, touched on how he knew when he put on the stiff, blue corduroy jacket for the first time, he was going to go places. He said he shortly grew out of that jacket, not necessarily physically, but mentally.

“I had grown as a leader and an overall person. I had grown into the role as parliamentarian at the end of the 2020 school year,” Hesson said. “I learned a lot about leadership and dedicating time toward the FFA.”

He explained how there had been a lot of late nights and early mornings with all the various activities and meetings, but they were all worth it. He thanked the FFA Association as they have put on numerous life-changing events. Though the hours put in were extensive, Hesson remarked he would not trade the opportunity for the world.

Numerous awards were given and recognized at the banquet. Though they are lengthy and not specified, The Daily Advocate/ Early Bird extends its congratulations to everyone for their hard work and dedication. Your skills and time commitment does not go unnoticed to not only yourselves, but to the community.

“Each member serves their community because they know that it will pay off in the long run,” Hesson said. “They will grow out of their blue jackets, and they will grow into the leadership and success of life after Versailles High School.

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