For continued professional service, vote Whittaker


I am very pleased to endorse my friend, Sheriff Mark Whittaker. Mark is looking forward to providing the citizens of Darke County with the continued professional service they have been receiving from the dedicated deputy staff, corrections officers, dispatchers, and administrative staff over the years under former Sheriff Toby Spencer. As a true Constitutional Conservative, Mark Whittaker will see to it that our rights are supported and protected. As sheriff, Mark will keep a very visible presence within the community, and will continue in collaborating with all agencies, organizations, and elected officials in order to build a strong, safe Darke County. We have a very important election on who we want as our next sheriff of Darke County. Everyone owes it to themselves to find out about both candidates and what they bring to the table regarding qualifications and experience before making that selection in the May 3 primary election. It’s that important. Early voting has already begun at the Darke County Board of Elections. I ask for your support. Please take the time to vote — thank you.

Jeff Whitaker

Greenville, Ohio

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