‘Old school ways’ must go in sheriff’s race


Katie Deland, chair of the Darke County Republican Executive Committee, recently wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in support of Mark Whittaker to be the next Darke County Sheriff. In the letter, Ms. Deland used the word “re-elect” referring to Mark Whittaker for sheriff. The lack of knowledge and understanding about the position of sheriff is absolutely incredible.

Ms. Deland sat on the interview board, along with Lyn Bliss, Cindy Pike, and a few others. That group then reported back to the Republican Central Committee, who appointed Mark Whittaker as sheriff until the May 3, 2022, Primary Election. Not only did Lyn Bliss and Cindy Pike interview Whittaker for the position, they helped make the appointment and they now sit on the “Committee to Elect Mark Whittaker Sheriff.”

Ms. Deland should have been more clear and should not write a letter meant to confuse people. Mark Whittaker has never been elected as sheriff, only appointed, as a temporary measure until the Primary Election. To say Mark Whittaker should be re-elected is very misleading and untrue. Mr. Whittaker would first need to be elected prior to being re-elected.

It is time to take a stand against these misleading statements made by the women of the Republican Party in Darke County, that obviously supported Whittaker since day 1. Lyn Bliss and Cindy Pike should have excused themselves from voting if they were already planning to be on Whittaker’s Committee. The old school ways must go, Darke County needs to wake up and see the games that are being played by the “Republican Women.”

Chris Hensley

Union City, Ohio

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