Not his words, but mine


I am writing in response to the recent “Supports Lines for Republican Central Committee” Letter to the Editor by Jim Shuttleworth in the “Your View” section of the Sunday, May 1, 2022, edition of the Early Bird.

The words that Mr. Shuttleworth stated are true statements regarding a County Central Committee member. However, what he used were verbatim the words I had used to develop my campaign letter for the Precinct 9 County Central Committee member, for which I was running. His statements were not his own, nor were they Leah’s statements in response to his question. She had given him my letter because, to use her words, “My truest intentions were to share fantastic information that is easily understandable.”

I understand that sharing “easily-understandable” information is what she was trying to do. However, when someone, such as Mr. Shuttleworth takes that same information and makes it their own without giving credit where credit is due, that’s a problem.

I worked long and hard and did much research to come up with my campaign letter. I listed my resources, and I didn’t even have to use quotations because I made it my own. Mr. Shuttleworth has led everyone to believe that those were his thoughts after speaking with his daughter, Leah Lines, about his question which may lead someone to believe that those were her thoughts. They were not his thoughts, nor Leah’s, they were mine. I even have several proofs to show this is not merely a “he said she said” case.

If I would have done what he has done on one of my college papers, I would have been expelled.

I am absolutely and deeply troubled and offended by Mr. Shuttleworth’s article and how it could potentially mar my reputation. If one of my precinct members who received my campaign letter saw Sunday’s article, now they might be wondering where I got my information from and whether I have plagiarized Leah Lines. Hopefully they will have the intelligence to realize that could not be the case since I listed my resources in the fine print at the bottom of my campaign letter.

Someone asked me recently to name one of my passions. I chuckled because I am passionate about many things. Those who know me would agree. However, my utmost passion is truth. This is what I will fight for and stand on — whether in life or as one who holds an office.

Let it be clear, I have absolutely nothing against Leah Lines who is a friend of mine. I hope the best for her in this election. May we all get out to vote and hold our elected persons’ feet to the fire for everything they stated they would do throughout their campaigns.

Julia Sherck

Greenville, Ohio

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