EDCY Board explains stance


This response is being sent on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors of Empowering Darke County Youth (EDCY), to correct information included in the Letter to the Editor from Bob Robinson of July 12, 2022.

Regarding the summer tutoring reduction of hours, the board took two factors into consideration. First was Greenville City Schools also offering a summer tutoring program this year. The board decided there was no need to duplicate services to the community for a summer tutoring program. This would allow EDCY to place its focus on the upcoming school year. Secondly, the board has the responsibility to ensure the organization and its tutoring programs are financially sound. The board determined that it needed to make sure funds were available to finance all five of the school programs served. Although the EDCY current summer program with scaled back hours, might not be a one-on-one tutoring session, it was determined that with the help of volunteers as well as two paid tutors, the program would operate within guidelines established by the board.

As president, I would like to thank Mr. Robinson for his foresight in initiating the EDCY program and the service to it he has provided over the years. Almost two years ago, when he informed the board of his wish to retire, the board took steps to comply. The process took much longer than anticipated to complete, as the board wanted to make decisions that were best for the students who benefit from EDCY’s services.

As part of Mr. Robinson’s retirement process, the board planned an Open House as a means of honoring the service of Mr. Robinson as well as introducing the recently hired executive director, Rich Engelken. The board considers Mr. Engelken as one who will respect the program Mr. Robinson started, while enabling it to move into the future with fresh ideas focusing on the needs of the children served

The board has taken the step of hosting the Open House to also honor its donors, tutors, school principals and members of the community participating in the program.

Delores Ely, President

Empowering Darke County Youth

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