Downtown Greenville will host Jordan Agency Artisan Stroll Aug. 5.


GREENVILLE — Downtown Greenville will host Jordan Agency Artisan Stroll on Aug. 5.

Stephanie Schieltz-Lowder has been creating art for as long as she can remember. As a kid, she was always drawn to the crafts and projects she would make in school.

Schieltz-Lowder remembers creating a still life watercolor painting that wasn’t quite perfect. To her surprise, she realized that she was fine with the imperfection in her painting. From there, she learned the point of art is not perfection, but improvement.

In college, she majored in art education with a specialization in painting and ceramics. Schieltz-Lowder believes being a “life-long learner” is extremely important to anyone in any career, art being no exception. Schieltz-Lowder teaches art at Tri County North to middle school and high school students.

She strives to facilitate an environment where students not only learn about art, but enjoy creating it as well. Nature has always been one of Schieltz-Lowder’s biggest inspirations when creating artwork. She is drawn to the naturally occurring patterns found in the outdoors. She often integrates organic and unique forms in her pottery.

Schieltz-Lowder said it is easy to find inspiration because of the natural beauty near her home in this part of Ohio. This year, Schieltz-Lowder will be exhibiting her pottery and a few paintings in the Artisian Stroll.

Main Street Greenville is also pleased to announce the return of the art contest to the Artisan Stroll. This juried contest is open to all accepted participants of the Artisan Stroll, although participation in the contest is not required to display your work at the Artisan Stroll.

The theme of the contest is “Celebration.” Artists are encouraged to submit pieces which celebrate the variety of hues, intense saturations, and unique light quality that the summer season brings. Pieces of all mediums will be accepted for participation in the contest and artists will have a chance to win cash prizes of up to $200.

The event will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. in downtown Greenville. Artists interested in registering for the event can download an application at Vendors will be set up on the sidewalks in front of downtown businesses to showcase their items. The list of items offered include paintings, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, re-purposed home decor, photography and more.

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