5k and Pink Mile raise funds for breast cancer awareness


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE – Breast Cancer Awareness of Darke County (BCADC) held its 21st annual Breast Cancer Awareness 5K in downtown Greenville on Saturday. With 410 participants, the 5k became the largest race in the Wayne HealthCare Challenge this year.

The race winners took second place to all the women this event assists. Donation and race fees help provide free mammograms, breast ultrasounds and pap tests for those in need, specifically women who are uninsured or underinsured. Funds also help with purchases of special bras or prosthesis for those that have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy because of breast cancer.

The 3.1-mile race is designed to not only raise funds, but also bring attention to breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in women after lung cancer. Jill Brown, RN, BSN, OCN, CBCN, Cancer Coordinator/Race Director for BCADC 5k, encourages women age 40 and older to have a screening mammogram yearly. Because women are different and have different risks, she encourages you to talk to your doctor about the best screening option for you.

For more information about GCADC, breast cancer or assistance, call 937-547-5079.

In addition to the race, BCADC also held its Pink Mile, where men are invited to help raise funds for the organization by dressing in their prettiest pink gowns, wigs and shoes and are asked to walk from the city building to the Annie Oakley Park, many wearing heals for the first time in their life. This year’s participants were Jordan Francis, Matt Schulze, Mark Addington, Van Spitler, Joe Smith, Caleb Custer, Ray Perkins, Greg Zechar, Dr. Vasu Chamarthy, Tom Newton, Blake Weyant and Adam Rodeheffer.

The overall winners of the Breast Cancer Awareness 5k were: Male – Bryce Shilt, 17:00.01; Matthew Lee and Ian DeYoung; Female – Katie Rammel, 23:52.4, Isabelle Rammel and Nicole Elliott.

Age Division Winners:

10 and Under: Male – K. Derksen, 27:07.1, B. DeYoung, and L. Gillespie; Female – M. DeYoung, 27:25.4, P. Karns and V. Bulach

11-14: Male – Landon Patel, 18:57.2, Jackson Ross and Kelton Evans; Female – Elsie Deyoung, 24:48.3, Ava Glass and B. Foster

15-19: Male – Jacob DeYoung, 18:55.0, Noah Stevens and Kolin Frazee; Female – Kylee Freeman, 25:18.4, Kaelan Swallow and Alexus Nelson

20-24: Male – Levi Emerick, 22:17.3, Matthew Karns and Cameron Brengman; Female – Katie Hangen, 53:39.9, Ryan Williams and Brooke Stuck

25-29: Male – Dustin Holmes, 24:34.2, Jacob Miller and Michael Karns; Female – Destinnee Javier, 25:36.0, Elizabeth Shields and Lauren Spoltman

30-34: Male – Caleb Hickey, 27:30.1, Nathan Karnehm and Marcus Bingham; Female – Nicole Moneysmith, 26:03.4, Anonymous Participant and Brooklyn Blair

35-39: Male – David Graham, 22:31.9; Matt Huffman and Jayce Feitshans; Female – Brittani Wehr, 31:04.9, Ami Anthony and Cathy Bulach

40-44: Male – Brandon Snyder, 21:15.1, John Miras, and Nicholas Fellers; Female – Sabrina Mustain, 29:24.9, Amy Byers and Danielle Little

45-49: Male – Frederick Schmiedebusch, 20:10.5; Kevin DeYoung, and Justin Marshall; Female – April Barton, 33:25.3, Dawn Sweet and Kelli Kagey

50-54: Male – Rick Costello, 23:00.3; Joseph Rose and Jim Myers; Female – Ruth Barga, 27:30.3, Angela Kramer and Becky Faber

55-59: Male – Chuck Blinn, 21:40.6; Dennis Eckstein and Rick Genovesi; Female – Shelly Haber, 27:13.9, Beverly Smart and Beth Piel

60-64: Male – Jeff McDaniel, 20:23.3, Bill Haber and Bill Marker; Female – Claudia Hiestand, 27:35.7, Cheryl Collins and Karen Barga

65-69: Male – Mark Barton, 25:27.8, Jon Hein and Greg Hiestand; Female – Kathy Barton, 29:16.3, Connie Harshbarger and Carol Bulach

70 and over: Male – Lee Emrick, 51:54.1 and Dan Schipfer; Female – Susan Fowble, 30:04.3; Marcia Schlechty and Brenda Nickol

Non-Binary – R. Miller-Northcutt, 32:33.5

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