Commissioners discuss grants, bid dates


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss grants and fixing of dates. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall, and Larry Holmes were present.

In a matter of examination and allowance of bills, in the General Fund there is a total of $41,507.81, and the Outside General Funds has a total of $ 48,449.86. A Grand Total of $ 89,957.67 are hereby approved for payment.

A fund advance for the 2020 FAA Airport Improvement Grant to cover CMT bill 5/28-7/1/22 for professional services to relocate the terminal building was approved. A total of $5,457.85 will advance back once revenue is received.

Another fund advance for the 2022 FAA Airport Improvement Grant to cover CMT bills for professional services for electrical vault relocation was approved. A total of $2,437.50 will advance back once revenue is received.

The commissioners approved a fixing of a date for the Village of Hollansburg Elm St. Sidewalk Construction. Sealed bids will be received by the Darke County Board of Commissioners on behalf of the Village of Hollansburg at the Darke County Board of Commissioners, Administration Building, 520 South Broadway, Greenville until 10 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 19 for furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the project.

“This is part of out CDGB program,” Aultman said. “We are going to have a special meeting on Friday, Aug. 19 at 10 a.m., so we can be done by 11 a.m. to be at another meeting.”

Aultman said the reason for the special session is because of time constraints. Advertising goes out on Wednesday, and then the project intends to be completed no later than Sept. 30. The bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud. The work consists of the replacement of approximately 4,900 square feet of sidewalk.

“It is going to be a tight time schedule, but it is flat work so it should not be too bad,” Stegall said.

A transfer of appropriations was approved for the Darke County Commissioners for funds needed for copy paper purchases. $6,000 was transferred out of the other operating fund into the office supply fund.

In a matter of a new grant, the commissioners approved the transfer of appropriations for the county share for a new local “Jail Capital Projects Grant.” A total of $179,105 was transferred from unknown matches into the Local Jail Capital Project Grant fund. Similarly, a revenue and appropriation increase was approved for the new grant as well. A total of $3,859,575 in both revenue increases and appropriation increases was approved.

“We have done the grants, so this is the money to get it all set up,” Aultman said.

“I would note the project itself is a little over $2 million, but with accounting and to fund the accounting we are putting dollars into the advance account. That is what takes it from $2,019,340 to $3,859,575. It is a little goofy how to get here, but it is all finalized in the details,” Homes added.

A certificate of appointment for Darke County Job and Family Services was approved. The appointment is for Mallory Riddle for the title of an Eligibility Referral Specialist 2. Riddle’s effective date is Aug. 8, 2022.

The Darke County Board of Commissioners meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at their office located at 520 S. Broadway Street in Greenville. To contact the office, call 937-547-7370.

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