Act of kindness shown

Dear Editor,

On Friday afternoon I was at a store where I saw an article that the customer was purchasing next to me. It was exactly what I was looking for, however, I knew I did not have the time to go searching for it due to an appointment. So when this beautiful blonde lady had finished checking out I asked her where she found it. She at first tried telling me, but then decided she would show me where it was.

She said “goodbye” to her friend and proceeded to push her cart around the store and ask clerks about the article where she had seen it and showed them what we were looking for. We did find it and I picked it up to take to the checkout again. I thanked her many times for taking the time to help a totally unknown person, me. She even said if we both wore it to church we would say we were sisters. How sweet! She even gave me a hug before she existed the store.

This act of kindness was so refreshing that I wanted to write about it since about all one hears is how rude people are, etc. She made my day and brightened it since I was having one of my down days still dealing with the death of my brother. I can’t thank her enough. I am so glad I met her. I just hope others will think about this and remember that everyone has bad days so helping someone just might brighten that person’s day as it did mine.

Thank you again, beautiful blonde lady. I will always remember your act of kindness.

Sue Hahn,


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