MVL Ticket Prices and Greenville Athletic Department All-Sports Passes


GREENVILLE — Beginning with the 2022-2023 athletic season, the Miami Valley League has updated ticket prices and

policies. All ticketed Miami Valley League events will have a single ticket price based on the event.

The pricing breakdown is as follows:



VARSITY EVENT (except football) – $8





1. Presale for football only is $5. Presale is for students only. Tickets will be purchased in the athletic office

for home and away football game.

2. If multiple levels of contest are being played, then the higher fee is charged. Example: varsity, JV, and JVB

volleyball would charge varsity fee. If varsity and middle school tournaments are occurring together, the

varsity tournament fee would be charged.

To help offset the change in ticket policy, the athletic department encourages students and families to

purchase All-Sport passes. There are four different versions of the All-Sport Pass.

The different passes are:

• All Sport Family Pass @ $300

* The family pass is good for four family members. Two adults and two students living in the

same household. College students are considered adults. Additional student passes can be added

for an additional $20 each. Lost card replacement is $5.

• All Sport Adult Pass @ $150

* This pass is for any individual that no longer attends high school. Lost card replacement is $5.

• All Sport Student Pass @$75

* This pass is for any student Grades K-12 attending Greenville City schools. Lost card replacement

is $5.

• All Sport 20 Event Pass @ $120

* The 20 Event Pass is good for 20 events of the choosing throughout the year. This pass can be

used by individuals or families throughout the year. Example: If a family of four attends a football

game, four spaces would be used.

All Sport Passes can be purchased in the Athletic Office at any time with cash or check. Checks should be

made out to: Greenville Athletic Department.

The Athletic Office is located at Greenville High School and is open daily 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

If you have questions, contact the Greenville Athletic Department by calling 937-548-3185 ext. 1080. Forms to purchase All-Sport passes can be found on the athletic website.

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