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By Meladi Brewer

Aug. 8

FIRE INVESTIGATION: At 2:05 a.m. officers responded to the 200 block of Markwith Avenue in reference to a possible structure fire. The residence was observed to have heavy smoke coming from all of the downstairs windows. Several neighbors then approached the officers and advised that the residence is vacant, as the previous resident passed away. Greenville Fire Department alongside Gettysburg and New Madison Fire Departments responded to the scene, and checked the residence. The front door was found to have been locked, but the back door of the residence was unlocked. The residence owner said he and his mother were at the residence the night before to check on it and left a lamp turned on in the downstairs living room, and that multiple appliances were plugged in, such as the oven. The Greenville Fire Department stated that the cause of the fire is not yet determined, but there are no signs of arson.

DISORDERLY: At 9:42 p.m. officers were dispatched to 1300 Greenmore Drive in reference to a suspicious man that had been running through yards and jumping fences. Bryan Anguiano was located behind the 1000 block of North Ohio Street. When he was located, he was acting very lethargic and disoriented. He did not know where he was at or how he had got there, and Anguiano was observed to have a large laceration on the bottom of his left foot approximately two inches in length. Greenville Rescue transported him to Wayne Hospital for treatment. At the hospital, Anguiano admitted he had taken a blue substance orally through his nostril that he believed to be blue fentanyl. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

Aug. 9

PURSUIT: At 1:33 p.m. officers on patrol at Ash Street and E. Fourth Street noticed a dirt bike run a stop sign. A pursuit followed and lasted approximately eight minutes. The pursuit terminated after the suspect left the roadway and drove into a bean field. Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies were in the area and stayed in the area after the pursuit was terminated. Deputies followed tracks in the mud to a corn field at the 3400 block of Stingly Road and were able to locate the suspect with his bike in the corn field where he was hiding. He was identified as William Watts Jr. who was under two noncompliance suspensions. Deputies arrested and incarcerated him at the Darke County Jail. The defendant was cited for failing to comply, stop sign, and driving under suspension.

DOMESTIC: At 7:37 p.m. officers responded to the 300 block of Delaware Avenue on a reported domestic violence incident. The female complainant appeared very distraught and was crying when officers first observed her. She advised she lives with her boyfriend, Devin Mize, and they had been arguing. When she told Mize her ex-boyfriend was going to come over to pick an item up for her other child she shares with her ex, he began screaming at her and pushed her onto the couch. He became physically violent with her before turning to his own son they share. The female complainant went to the neighbors to call 911. Red marks were observed on her neck, and when officers spoke with Mize, he appeared agitated and continuously was grinding his teeth. He admitted to pushing her, but he could not remember where at. He advised officers he pushed her because she had grabbed his wrists attempting to calm him down. Mize was arrested and transported to the jail. He was cited for domestic violence.

WANTED PERSON: At 2:36 p.m. officers were advised by an anonymous tip that Jacob Daniel was at the 200 block of Anderson Avenue. The anonymous complaint advised that Daniel had an active warrant for his arrest. It was confirmed he had an active misdemeanor warrant through Miami County for failure to appear for License Restriction Violation with no bond. Daniel was arrested, mirandized, and transported and released to Troy PD Officer Morton at the county line.

Aug. 11

FRAUD: Officers were dispatched to the Greenville Police Department Station in reference to the victim being scammed online. The female victim stated a few days prior, she received an email for a job opportunity through her University of Cincinnati email address. She advised she received a check, deposited it, and spent most of it before the bank called and stated the check was fraudulent. The university contacted her about a scam email that was going around and to not give it any information. There is nothing further in this case.

Aug. 12.

WANTED PERSON: At 12: 50 a.m. officers driving through the 200 block of Wagner Avenue observed a vehicle with a license plate registered to a subject with a warrant sitting in the parking lot. Michael Stinson had an active warrant out of Montgomery County for Theft with a bond of 20 percent $25,000 C/S. Stinson was transported to the Darke County Jail where he was released to the duty jail staff.

Aug. 14

TRESPASS: Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Warren Street in reference to a trespass complaint. Officers made contact with the female victim and witnesses. They advised Brian Klosterman was attempting to get into the female victim’s residence. Officers observed Klosterman standing in the backyard of the residence between the detached garage and the house. Contact was made, and he advised he did not know how he got to the residence and that he was supposed to be working. Klosterman had a slow response to questions, and he was transported to Wayne HealthCare due to the belief he was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. A citation for vehicle trespass was issued, and a records request form was faxed to Wayne HealthCare for the results of his blood work.

WANTED PERSON: While investigating a separate incident, a subject was located with a felony warrant and apprehended at the 800 block of Jackson Street. Kevin A. Johnson had an active warrant from Boone County, Ky. for a probation violation for possession of methamphetamine with no bond. Johnson was located and arrested.

Aug. 16

VANDALISM: At 5:03 p.m. officers responded to the 300 block of Evans Avenue on a reported vandalism. The male victim advised officers on Saturday, Aug. 13, he was sitting outside of his house, he heard a loud bang come from the area of his detached garage. He stated he checked the garage the next morning and noticed a hole in the siding on the east side, and he located a golf ball near the garage which he suspects caused the damage. Officers observed the damage to the siding, and the victim will be using the report to turn in a claim to his insurance. It is unknown where the golf ball came from and there are no further leads into this case.

VANDALISM: At 11:27 p.m. officers responded to the 1100 block of Wayne Avenue on a reported vandalism complaint. The female complainant advised she was driving home from work when she was struck with an egg near the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Birt Street. She said she didn’t see anything when the incident occurred and wanted a report taken for insurance purposes.

Aug. 17

DOMESTIC: Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a mother and son around 3:03 p.m.. The complainant advised she got into an argument with her 14-year old son over sweeping the floor. He refused to sweep and an argument ensued. She advised she took her son to Darke County Juvenile Court to file unruly charges against him. The 14-year old male was the only school aged child present.

Aug. 20

WANTED PERSON: At 3:12 p.m. officers responded to the 300 block of Evans Avenue in reference to a known wanted person. Jeffery White was identified standing behind a car in front of the residence, and it was confirmed he had an active warrant on the offense of aggravated possession of dangerous drugs with no bond. White was searched and a small glass container was located that contained an unknown white powder residue inside. He was released to jail staff.

CPO VIOLATION: At 5:53 p.m. officers responded to the 1300 block of Wagner Avenue on a reported CPO Violation. Upon arrival, officers observed a truck driven by Keaston Jones park and approach the cruiser. Officers had previous knowledge before the contact with Jones of a protection order issued by the courts in Randolph County, Ind. against him. Officers asked if the female protected by the CPO was in the truck with him, and he originally said no before quickly stating she was. Jones stated he was aware of the protection order, but believed it had been overturned after the case was resolved. He then admitted the case had been put on hold and not been resolved yet. Investigation confirmed it was still in effect, and Jones was arrested for violating a protection order issued by another state. He was also issued a misdemeanor citation.

Aug. 21

WANTED PERSON: At 5 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 400 block of East Fifth Street in reference to a welfare check. The male complainant informed officers his friend, Crystal Wilbur, was on the front porch of her residence arguing with a stranger when he drove by and was concerned for her well-being. Officers were dispatched to check on her, and it was discovered that she had a felony warrant out of Darke County for failing to appear in reference to child support. She was arrested and transported to the jail to be held with no bond.

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