Clark’s book helps Friends of Ft. Jefferson


GREENVILLE – Caitlyn Clark is giving her newly published book, ”From the Treaty City to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark in Greenville, Ohio”, to those who support Friends of Ft. Jefferson with a $25 membership donation.

Membership can be purchased at Darke County Parks’ Prairie Days on Sept. 24 and 25.

This is a pre-release offer since the book is not for sale until Clark presents her Lewis and Clark program at Garst Museum on Oct. 15. This is her way of showing her support for Friends of Fort Jefferson.

The book tells the story of how Lewis and Clark became lifelong friends during a court martial and the Treaty of Greene Ville. Friends of Fort Jefferson has purchased 17 acres adjacent to the Ft. Jefferson Park with the hope that the Darke County Parks can find grant money to add it to the present Fort Jefferson site. FOFJ is reviving the Forgotten Fort and its important contribution to the early history and formation of the United States.

Fort Jefferson is the one place that witnessed both the defeat of an unprepared, untrained, and undisciplined army and three years later the victory of a well-trained, disciplined, prepared army. As a result, President George Washington and Congress of the United States asked Anthony Wayne in 1796 at Greene Ville, to change the status of the temporary “Legion of the United States” to a permanent paid “Regimental Standing Army” that would be outfitted and trained ready to meet the next inevitable challenge. The new fledgling nation had learned an important lesson.

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