Letter to the Editor


Concern over physical form

With school starting we are all aware that students that are going to participate in sports will be required to have a physical. This year there have been changes in the form from the Ohio High School Athletic Association. This change may open the door to male students joining the female teams. The form reads as follows: Sex assigned at birth (F, M, or intersex) and how do you identify your gender? (F, M, or gig). This means that a male student can list themselves as a female simply by stating it on this form. The concern would be that male students are generally taller, stronger and more muscular than females and the females could risk injury as a result during some sports. It also opens the door to unisex restrooms and more disturbing unisex shower rooms. Don’t be fooled that this is simply a declaration on paper and will not hold any weight in changing our high school sports programs. In truth it is a slippery slope and could produce undesirable changes now and for the future. If this concerns you, please contact the Ohio High School Athletic Association, your High School Superintendent, school Athletic Director and your Coaches. Now is the time to do this before changes become hard wired into our schools.

Thank you,

Marsha H. Miller


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