GPL completes front door project


GREENVILLE — The Greenville Public Library is very excited about its new front doors. These beautiful new doors are the result of a long-term project to update the historic front entrance at the top of the steps. They replace the original set dating from the building’s construction in 1903, which are being stored for future re-purposing.

Director Susi Halley stated, “We recognize the old doors as valuable antiques and cherish them as such.” For some years the need for new doors with more safety features and greater energy efficiency had become obvious. “It was an expensive project and we reached out for help.”

Thanks to the generous donations from the Lydia Schaurer Trust, the Harry D. Stephens Trust, Dennis & Shirla Neff, and the Friends of the Library, the library was finally able to move forward, working with Buck Run Commercial Doors & Hardware in Dayton. Manufacturing began in early spring and installation in early September.

The new doors are of a top-of-the-line, fiberglass construction that resists environmental abuse and guarantees decades of service. They will continue to be used as an emergency exit only because it’s not possible to configure the library’s security system in the space inside the doors. The library’s main entrance is on the bottom floor.

A second big project over the last two years was refinishing the library’s 11 antique oak tables by Denney’s Furniture Stripping in Greenville, thanks to a grant from the Darke County Foundation. At this time the library is fundraising to have the Henry St. Clair Memorial stained glass window refurbished. The library greatly appreciates the community’s generosity in helping to preserve its historic building.

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