Dr. Holman retiring as health commissioner


GREENVILLE —After over 37 years of service to the Darke County General Health District in Darke County, Health Commissioner Dr. Terrence L. Holman, DVM, REHS has announced he will be retiring at the end of the year.

Prior to his career with the Darke County General Health District, Dr. Holman graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and also earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Dairy Science. He worked as a veterinarian in private practice until September 1985. Dr. Holman also taught Animal Science, Nutrition, and Reproductive Physiology at Ivy Tech.

Since becoming Health Commissioner, Dr. Holman attained his Registered Environmental Health Sanitarian license as well as his County Registrar certification.

The Darke County General Health District has seen dramatic changes in services and accountability to the public during Dr. Holman’s tenure; some notable achievements include:

• Being designated an Accredited Health Department by the Public Health Accreditation Board

• Implementing an Operation and Maintenance program for septic systems

• Exemplary leadership during the H1N1 and COVID-19 pandemics

• Attaining sewer systems in all but three villages throughout the county

• Appointed to the Dangerous and Restricted Animals Board by Governor John Kasich

• Guided a relocation of the Health Department in 1990

• Developed a Quality Improvement and Performance Management program

• Expansion of various programs resulting in staff growth from 11 to 25 individuals

• Serving on many local boards and committees, such as: Darke County Family and Children First Council, Child Fatality Review Board, Planning Commission, Solid Waste Advisory Board, Homeland Security Bioterrorism Committee, LEPC, Coalition for a Healthy Darke County, Tri-County Board of Mental Health and Recovery, Healing Communities and many more

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve Darke County,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Holman. “Our staff are out conducting inspections and promoting public health programs each and every day. Our accomplishments in improving the health and wellness of our county would not be possible without our educated and dedicated staff. I am confident Darke County will continue to be a safe, healthy, and thriving community.”

Dr. Timothy Kathman, MD, Board of Health Chairman, announced that Jordan Francis, MPH, has been selected to succeed Dr. Holman as Health Commissioner for the Darke County General Health District to commence Jan. 1, 2023 with a 90-day term as Deputy Health Commissioner beginning in October of this year as an apprentice under Dr. Holman’s preceptorship. Dr. Holman will continue leading the department until his retirement takes effect on Dec. 31.

“The citizens of Darke County have been extraordinarily fortunate to have had Dr. Terrence L. Holman at the helm of the Health Department for the past nearly four decades. Above all else, he has upheld and safeguarded the health interests of our county with steadfast commitment, dedication and professionalism. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of public health will be irreplaceable.” Dr. Timothy Kathman continued, “That being said, the Board of Health has the utmost confidence that Jordan Francis will continue the tradition of strong leadership, innovative thinking, passion and dedication to the health needs of the Darke County General Health District. We deeply thank Dr. Holman and enthusiastically welcome Mr. Francis.”

Prior to being selected as Darke County General Health District’s Health Commissioner, Jordan Francis served seven years as the Director of Wellness Services for Wayne HealthCare. Since achieving his Masters in Public Health, he has served many roles including Ohio Public Health Association-Chair, EverHeart Hospice-Board Member, Darke County Wellness ChallengePresident, and Public Health Practitioner of the Year (2018).

Mr. Francis added, “Being entrusted to lead and uphold the institution responsible for protecting the health of our community is an honor and I look forward to serving the Darke County General Health District as Deputy Health Commissioner. Dr. Holman has been a tireless advocate for public health in Darke County for nearly four decades and his preceptorship will prove invaluable in ensuring that the Darke County General Health District will continue to be an innovative leader in safeguarding health and wellbeing in our community under my leadership.”

For more information about Darke County General Health District’s programs and services, visit www.darkecountyhealth.org.

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