Decolores holds fall musical


GREENVILLE — On Nov. 5, Decolores Montessori School performed a Fall Concert at the beautiful St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville. The school also recognized the 2023 graduating senior DeColores alumni.

The concert began with the entire school and graduating seniors singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” The seniors were recognized with a heartfelt video tribute. Graduating seniors included Ellasyn Bruner, Sami Frens, Haleigh Hoening, Peyton McCartney, Tiana Mescher, Cole Royer, Mason Shuttleworth, and Leo Williams. The kindergarten class continued with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Students who participate in Piano Club continued the concert with various pieces on the piano. The Montessori Music Makers played the “Theme from Jurassic Park.” First grade recorders performed “Hot Cross Buns” and “Au Claire de la Lune.” The Chamber Orchestra created beautiful music together playing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” The second grade orchestra, who have only started their string instruments this school year, played “Rolling Along” and “Lightly Row.” The Third Graders performed “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

The Drum Club, consisting of third-sixth graders, executed a fun and upbeat rendition of “Snow White and the Seven Drums” on various hand drums.

The Junior High Orchestra wowed the audience with the songs “The Avengers” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”.

Lisa and Scott Frens were inducted into the Montessori Hall of Fame for their multiple contributions to Decolores Montessori. Nancy Dean was recognized for her 50 years of teaching with a heart warming tribute.

The fourth-sixth graders worked tirelessly to prepare a class musical. They auditioned for roles, memorized speaking lines, sang, danced, and acted in a wonderful play titled “The Granny Awards.”

The school offered a livestream of the performance for extended families and others not able to attend in person.

The Decolores Montessori music program is under the direction of Kathy Douds and Betsy Hoelscher. For more information on Decolores Montessori, please contact 937-547-1334 or visit the website at

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