Smith and Miller win GCS spelling bees


GREENVILLE — Greenville City Schools (GCS) held its annual Spelling Bee on Thursday Nov. 17 with the hopes of sending someone to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The first step is to earn a place at the Darke County Spelling Bee that will be held on Jan. 26 at Romer’s Catering in Greenville.

Two bees were conducted with one for students in seventh through eighth grades and a separate bee for students in fourth through sixth grades.

The seventh and eighth grade spelling bee had 37 participants. After seven rounds of spelling, Jocelin Smith, eighth grade, spelled the word “mullioned” to be named the winner. She is the daughter of Jacqueline Flory. The runner-up is seventh grade student Steven Francis. He is the son of Christopher and Darlene Francis.

Forty-eight students participated in the fourth through sixth grade spelling bee. After seven rounds of spelling, Pacey Miller, fifth grade, earned the right to compete at the county spelling bee by correctly spelling “blasphemous.” Sixth grader Landry Huffman earned runner-up in the contest.

This year’s GCS Spelling Bee was coordinated by Kellie Garrison, Emily McIntyre and Edwinna Thomas. Darke County Engineer Jim Surber served as the emcee and Hillary Holzapfel, county recorder, served as a guest judge.

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