It’s time for New Years resolutions


By Kathy Monnin

Versailles News

Make this year the year you become a better you. No matter how many resolutions you have made over the years nor how many you have accomplished, you can still become a better you. However, one must make resolutions of substance in order to achieve lasting personal improvement.

Jan. 1 has always been an ideal time to re-evaluate one’s life and decide what things need to be changed. It’s true everyone has different priorities, dreams, goals, and ideas of perfection, and if we don’t believe there’s anything bigger than ourselves, or beyond this life, one resolution is as good as the next. But if, at a minimum, we believe we have a responsibility to one another we probably want what is good for society. For allowing everyone to live in unity with mutual understanding benefits us too.

When we change our focus from self to others, especially loved ones, we often can find the discipline needed to stay the course. For example, we could resolve to lose weight, exercise more, or quit smoking because we want to look better and live healthier, or we could do these same things because our family relies on us or because we want to see our grandchildren grow up and get married. Or at a minimum we may want to remain independent, contribute to society, and set our sights on the adventure of living each new day.

Those who make new year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals and if you choose resolutions that are meaningful or have purpose, your odds increase. To successfully meet your goals, you need to write them down, make them manageable, establish reminders and chart your progress.

Lifestyle changes can be hard to maintain, therefore consider offering up your discomfort, as if it is a Lenten penance. Great rewards can result from denying oneself (self-sacrifice). The willpower necessary for making changes can adjust our focus, strengthen our discipline, give us freedom from material things (clothes, money) or vices (gambling, tv, or complaining) increase our awareness, anchor us, give us focus, and offer us the opportunity to trust the natural order of things.

Remember resolutions are new to the brain and body and will take time. Be prepared for the occasional setback. Recognize it takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to break a habit or cultivate a new habit. But usually after an average of 66 days the new behavior becomes automatic.

Keep a journal of your progress, recognize your obstacles, struggles, and strengths. Remind yourself that it may take as long as 9 months to accomplish your resolution satisfactorily. Therefore, seek help from others, when necessary, never quit, but begin as many times as it takes. Find encouragement in knowing once you establish these new habits they will be as hard to break as the bad ones were.

Stay confident. Retrain your inner voice to be positive, encouraging, and your #1 ally.

Simply put, your resolution should be to be more awesome than you were last year. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed, healthy and happy 2023. Happy New Year!

Top New Year’s Resolutions: 1) Eat healthy, 2) Exercise regularly, 3) Lose Weight, 4) Drink more water, 5) Save Money/Pay Off Debts, 6) Quit Smoking, 7) Get Organized, 8) Quit Drinking, 9) Watch less TV, 10) Read more, 11) Spend more time with family/loved ones, 12) Learn a new skill, 13) Volunteer, 14) Get enough sleep, 15) Quit Cussing, 16) Overcome fears, 17) Take time for hobbies/relax, 18) Travel, 19) Be more patient, 20) Worship and Pray more.

“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” ~Vern McLellan, author, speaker, associate pastor, broadcaster, and musician.

“This year be gentle on yourself. Be kind to yourself, and to others. Make this world a better place for all living beings.” ~Unknown

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy and your joy, and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” ~Helen Keller


Wednesday, Dec. 28, 5–7 p.m., Reuben sandwiches at the Ansonia American Legion.

Saturday, Dec. 31, Carry-In and Karaoke in the Versailles Vet’s Club Bunker. (Carolyn’s last night)

Saturday, Dec. 31, noon–1 a.m., D.J. Troy at the bar. Pork and Kraut at midnight at the Ansonia American Legion.

Sunday, Jan. 1, the Ansonia American Legion is open regular hours.

Tuesday, Jan. 3, 9–10:30 a.m., (Widow/Widowers) Breakfast at the Whistle Stop, Ansonia.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, Silver Sneakers classes, 1 p.m., at Versailles. These are great classes to stay active physically and socially. The classes may cost less than $3 a visit and often are free to holders of Medicare supplemental policies. Call the YMCA of Versailles at 937-526-4488 for more information.

Saturday, Jan. 14, Diamond Club Dinner Auction at the Versailles K of C Hall on State Route 47. Doors open at 6 p.m. Meal at 7 p.m. Interviews start at 7:45 p.m. and the auction begins at 9:30 p.m. For tickets contact Tony Rose (937-638-3132).

Happy birthday wishes to Christina Dunn, Scott Henry, Judy Mumaw, John Schmitmeyer, Mitch Rawlins, Gina Griesdorn, Denise Shimp, Mark Fullenkamp, Julie Rindler, Tom Wetzel, Karen Bensman, Brian Kruckeberg, Liz McNeilan, Shonda Newburg, Denise Shimp, Rose Schlater, Crissy Treon, Doris Geissler, Shonda Newberg, Pamela Coffield, Barb Mangen, Susan Browder, as their birthdays approach as well as, anniversary wishes to all the couples celebrating anniversaries.

Please keep in your prayers Keshia Dull (30), Stephen Muhlenkamp (55), Michael Dean Niswonger (67), Karen Hoverman Gehron (81), Janice Simmons York (82), and all those who have passed, including those whose anniversary of their passing is near. Please give your prayers of comfort and healing for the sick and suffering, for those who struggle, the caregivers and those who mourn the loss of their loved ones.

As an act of kindness, write down your resolutions, make sure at least one will benefit society, practice it this weekend and make it a part of your 2023. Your actions will influence your friends, family and neighbors to do the same for those they know. So chose your resolutions wisely for you truly can be the change you wish to see in the world.

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