Decolores performs annual concert


GREENVILLE — Decolores Montessori’s sixth grade students performed their Solo and Ensemble Concert titled “Under the Sea” at the Trinity Church in Greenville on Friday, March 10.

An annual event, the concert is a wonderful opportunity for the sixth graders to demonstrate progress of their string instrument by performing a solo and a small ensemble piece. Music is an integral part of the Montessori classroom and has been proven to enhance math, literacy, and brain development. At Decolores, all students are involved in orchestra and choose a string instrument (violin, viola, or cello) in 2nd grade and have weekly instruction. The solo and ensemble concert was a beautiful evening to honor every child and their hard work and progress.

The fifth and sixth grade orchestra performed “Gauntlet” by Doug Spata. The following sixth graders performed a solo: Colby Peters, CJ Hanna, Lauren Zwiesler, Ayden Baker, Dean Davis, Nalayna Miley, Celeb Miller, Conner Feldner, Cate Condon, Leah Tamplin, Christina Conklin, and Tara Seger. Quartets of sixth graders also performed various songs.

The music program at Decolores Montessori is under the direction of Kathy Douds and Betsy Hoelscher. For more information on Decolores Montessori, visit

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