Osgood Jolly 4-H meets


OSGOOD — On Sunday, March 12, at 7 p.m. in the St. Nicholas Church basement the Osgood Jolly 4-Hers began their meeting.

The pledge of Allegiance was led by Mallory Hemmelgarn and continued with the 4H pledge. After the pledges Sandy Schelecty, cake decorator, taught the 4-Hers how to decorate cupcakes. The meeting had a few announcements and congratulated Mallory Hemmelgarn, Lauren Meiring, and Annalee Mertz for their county awards. Once the announcements were over Mallory Hemmelgarn motioned to adjourn the meeting and Annalee Mertz second it. The meeting ended with a fun game and snack was the decorated cupcakes made by the 4Hers.

Annalee Mertz, reporter

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