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By Meladi Brewer

March 30

ASSAULT: An officers assigned to the Greenville City Schools k-8 building was advised a student with mental health issues assaulted a staff member. The eight-year old male had punched and kicked another adult, and the teacher attempted to put him into a Crisis Prevention Intervention hold. During that time, the student bit her on both legs trying to free himself. Most incidents with said child result in him being removed from the classroom and taken to a place of safety until he can calm down, or he is removed from school by a parent. No criminal charges are being filed at this time.

April 4

PURSUIT: At 3:25 p.m. officers on patrol observed a 17-year old operating a motorcycle on Montgomery Street at Martin Street. The male juvenile was observed making a right turn onto South Broadway before improperly passing two trucks and a semi-trailer by maneuvering past them on the right-hand side northbound. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop, but he continued and turned right onto East Fifth Street without stopping for a steady red traffic signal that was facing him without using a turn signal. The male also failed to stop for a stop sign before turning left, northbound onto Walnut Street without signaling. He passed a school bus to the right-hand side while it was stopped on Walnut Street at East Third Street, he failed to stop for a stop sign before turning onto East Third Street, and failed to stop for five stop signs at several other intersections. Officers terminated the pursuit due to losing sight of the male on East Fifth Street and safety reasons concerning the volume of traffic at the time. Officers went to the known residence of the juvenile, found his bike, and they located the male hiding in the bushes by the residence. He was arrested and issued citations reference disregard of safety and failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer. His motorcycle was towed, and the male was released to his grandmother.

April 7

SUB W/WEAPON: At 6:12 p.m. officers on patrol conducted a traffic stop for failure to display. Subsequently, they were able to seize a loaded SAR Arms SKARP2 with one full magazine in the mag well as a result of that traffic stop. Another steel magazine was also found with nine rounds of assorted 9 mm hallow point rounds and target ammo were also found. The passenger and gun owner, Delando Massey was found to have had a felony probation for grand theft out of Mercer County. He also had several charges of felonious assault with a deadly weapon out of Dayton and Kettering. The firearm was seized, and the driver was given a warning for the open container found under the seat. This case will be brought before the Darke County Prosecutor in reference to charges pertaining the firearm.

WELFARE CHECK: At 6:50 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Benden Way on a welfare check. Entry was made into the residence and the subject was located deceased. The Greenville Township Rescue was called to the scene and confirmed the death, and the deceased was released to Riechert Funeral Home.

April 9

BREAKING AND ENTERING: At 6:24 a.m. officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Harrison Avenue in reference to a property damage complaint. The male victim advised he had walked out to his exterior garage and noticed the north side window was damaged and appeared someone had attempted to gain entry. Officers observed the shattered window and cut screen that was folded over to one side. A rock was also located near the window believed to possibly be what had been used to break the glass. The victim was given a report number for insurance purposes.

CPO VIOLATION: At 7:02 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Sweitzer Street in reference to a possible civil protection order violation. The male complainant stated his ex-wife attempted to communicate with him on a Facebook Post that he posted earlier that same day. He stated multiple times he had a protection order against her and that she was in violation of the order. Dispatch checked and learned he did not have a protection order against her, but the female and her children had an active civil protection order against him. The ex-wife was contacted, and she stated that she “reacted” to one of Timothy Penkal’s posts by using an emoji because he made a post accusing her of something she wasn’t involved in. Officers were called back again by Penkal stating the ex-wife had messaged him through Facebook saying “I hope you die”, and through investigation, it was found that a second Facebook account with the ex-wife’s same name and profile had been created minutes prior to the call. The messages were also found in a spam folder unopened. The ex-wife advised officers she did not create a second account, and she believes it was Penkal- who has a history of creating fake Facebook accounts to harass her. Officers looked up the account again and found it to have been deleted. Penkal admitted to creating the account to officers later. He was advised that if he created a false Facebook account to impersonate someone else or filed a false police report, he would be arrested. A DVD containing the conversations was placed into property. Charges are pending.

DOG BITE: At 7:27 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 500 block of East Third Street in reference to a dog bite. Officers observed a female sitting down on the ground next to a fence, with another female on the other side of the fence, holding a towel to her face. The female holding the towel to her face immediately stated she did not want anything done to the dog and that it was not the dog’s fault. She was bleeding from her right cheek and arm. The non-injured female advised she and her partner were outside talking to the victim while having their dog on a leash. The dog slipped out of his collar and jumped up at the fence, biting the female in the face. They believe her arm was cut when she fell. The victim advised she did not want any charges filed, and this report will be forwarded to the dog warden.

April 12

WANTED PERSON: At 6:56 p.m. officers responded to the 1100 block of Jackson Street to serve a felony warrant on Bryant Barnes. Barnes had a felony warrant through Adams County, IN for Child Neglect with no bond. He was arrested and released to the jail.

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