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Baumgardner Walks the Talk

To the Great People of Greenville, Ohio,

In today’s world of sound-bite driven political campaigns, it is refreshing to have a candidate like John Baumgardner running for Mayor. Many can “talk the walk” but few can “walk the talk.” Being a lifetime member of the Greenville community, 4-H supporter, Boys & Girls Club Board Member, Greenville Athletic Department Sponsor, and sitting City Council President, John has consistently shown his compassion and commitment to the people of Greenville through his community service. Along with his service record, he has contributed to the community by reinvesting and revitalizing many of the downtown blighted buildings. These examples personify John’s ability to walk the talk.

When John says he is going to clean up your neighborhood by helping citizens remove obscene graffiti, discarded furniture, abandoned automobiles, and anything deemed an eyesore, it will be DONE. A clean and orderly neighborhood creates a sense of pride, increases property value, and inspires adjoining neighborhoods to do the same.

John walks the talk: The Marsh Building and property had sat empty for nearly 10 years with zero upkeep. The parking lot was crumbling, trees untrimmed, and the building itself had been vandalized inside and out and covered with graffiti. What was once a beautiful grocery plaza had become an eyesore that anchored the east end of the downtown area. The property had been bothering John for several years as it did not portray the “Welcome to downtown Greenville” that it did in it’s prime. After many conversations about this property, John convinced me to partner with him to revitalize the Marsh complex in hopes of enticing new businesses to relocate there. What a difference the makeover has made and with the American Flag flying high above, once again this property pridefully says “Welcome to downtown Greenville.”

Economic Development is a high priority in John’s plan to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Greenville. John has pledged to establish an advisory board comprised of fellow business people that will meet on a regular basis as a sounding board for the concerns of the already established and future business opportunities. His common-sense approach to simplifying the process for new businesses to come to Greenville and giving existing businesses the ability to expand and prosper, will be instrumental for Greenville’s future economic growth.

John walks the talk: Greenville’s Troy Sunshade Company, established in 1887, and one of America’s oldest and continuously running businesses, was slated to be permanently closed and all assets were to be sold in March of 2020. John “heard” about this and took the initiative to investigate the rumor. After learning this was true, John approached me about this business opportunity. Thirty days later, we were the new owners. Not only did we save a historic company, we saved 15 jobs and have since doubled the staff. This would not have happened if not for John’s compassion to save people from termination and the foresight to see the potential resurrection of this iconic company.

“Drugs, drugs and more drugs.” A phrase heard too often in this beautiful city. John is committed to stopping the ability to use illegal substances in, under or around public properties. John is committed to eliminating the means and locations that enable these illegal activities. John has supported the Greenville Police Department and the City Safety Director in their efforts to do so. He has had conversations with both public and private drug addiction services, so he not only understands what help is available, but where to direct those who seek help. His plan will continue with the support of the Police Department’s efforts to keep the citizens and the addicts of Greenville as safe as possible. John has also discussed with the Elk’s club how their drug education and prevention program could benefit the students of the Greenville School District.

John is the man for the mayor’s position and the champion for all that is good for the City of Greenville. His love for his family, community, and country is second to none. His enthusiasm, work ethic and character will lead the city of Greenville to a future full of new economic opportunities, revitalized neighborhoods, and “the place” to raise your family. As Mayor, you can rest assured that John will always have the people’s best interest in all of his decision making.

Vote local. Vote John Baumgardner May 2, 2023

​​William Coomer​

Greenville Business Owner

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