Rumors of moving species at fair quashed


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — Fair board member Jason Manning confirmed the latest rumor swirling around the fairgrounds is nothing more than a rumor. The confirmation came after several members of the cattle department addressed the fair board at their regular meeting on Wednesday, May 3.

The Secretary’s Office at the Darke County Fairgrounds was filled to capacity with many visitors and reporters listening to the meeting from an open window outside the office. At least one person listed on the agenda to speak left the meeting without speaking.

One of the representatives from the cattle department asked, “Is there a plan to potentially move species around in the barns until you guys can figure out what is exactly happing. We heard there is going to be a potential motion to adjust barns?” Manning admitted that it has been discussed, but also shared there were need to be significant upgrades to the Swine Barn for that to happen. “My opinion is all of the barns should be prepared to house whatever species because you don’t know,” said Manning. “There may come a day when we have to shuffle things around because certain things just don’t fit.”

The cattle department representative asked if they department would be involved in any discussions beyond the fair board member in charge of that department. She asked that the beef committee be involved with any decision of moving species around.

Manning agreed and added, “I will say this, because I did hear this rumor today. It sure would be nice to have a phone call and ask supposedly the source for whoever was going to make this motion, which was supposedly going to be me. It would be nice if I was to receive a phone call that said, ‘Hey, what in the heck is going on here.’” He exclaimed, “The rumor of me making a motion tonight to shuffle species around is patently false, but it has been discussed.”

The fair board also heard from the new general manager at Eldora Speedway, Jerry Gappens. The board voted in April to not allow the people movers (shuttles) used during the fair to be loaned out to Eldora Speedway. Gappens came to the meeting to answer questions and renew the speedway’s plea to get the shuttles. Since the World of Outlaws opening lap is sponsored by this year’s fair entertainment, Whiskey Myers, the speedway believes the trade out of advertising on their new large high-definition screen for the shuttles is a win-win for both organizations. Eldora would only use the shuttles for their three big races in June, July and September. They would keep the shuttles undercover between the June and July races and return them in time for the fair in August. The board rescinded its original motion and agreed to the trade out with Eldora promising to repair any damage that is caused.

The fair board also took a step forward in building a community/educational/dog show building. The board agreed with an 8-3 vote to put the building out for bid. The board is hoping the bidders will help design the 70’x170’ building to include a community area as well as a restroom and kitchenette. The building could possibly be built on the midway closest to Sweitzer Street, south of the paved parking lot at Gate 2. It has been discussed that funding would come from the state grant as well as funds that Cargill donated, and money raised by the dog department.

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