Butterflies plant at softball field


GREENVILLE — The Butterflies Junior Garden Club planted their Community Beautification project at the Greenville Girls Softball Diamonds, Stebbins Field in Greenville. They planted Durango Bee and Happy Yellow marigolds in the large galvanized trough with an accent of Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’. The delicate flowers will resemble hovering butterflies in the air. Planted in the fire rings was the marigolds along with ‘Fireworks’ Fountain Grass. The trash cans have Blue Arrows Juncus, Victoria Blue salvia, Merlin’s Magic Coleus, and Happy Yellow marigolds. The club has a winter fundraiser to be able to purchase their plants from Miller Flowers. Planting was Ruth Gilmore, Audrey Allread, Ade Boner, Callee Moore, and Alivia Addis.

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