Ladybugs plant around the circle


GREENVILLE — The Ladybug Garden Club planted the traffic circle in downtown Greenville for everyone to enjoy this summer. Planted in the hayracks is Lemon Coral Sedum and Purple Heart Setcreasea. The purple setcreasea is a trailing vine with great foliage color for a contrast with the sedum, also grown for foliage. The club purchased 22” pots to be placed in the fountain area with plantings of Blue Arrows Juncus, Gay’s Delight coleus with mini vitsa supertunias in white and indigo. The little gardens have Gay’s Delight coleus with Pacifica Polka Dot Vinca. The club will maintain the plantings throughout the summer. Members planting were Lisa Marcum, Marilyn Petty, Mariana Ramos, Cindy McCallister, Angela Beumer, Amy Erisman, Cathy Detrick, Dawn Hissong, Kim Cromwell, Becky Collins and (not pictured) Charlene Thornhill.

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