T-Mobile opens store in Greenville


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — The Greenville community now has an alternative when it comes to wireless phones and 5G internet. The new T-Mobile store, 1303 Wagner Ave., Greenville, recently opened held a ribbon cutting with the Darke County Chamber of Commerce to celebrate.

Dillon Martin, store manager, shared that T-Mobile is excited to be in Greenville. Prior to the store’s opening, residents using the T-Mobile service had to travel to Richmond, Ind. if they needed assistance in finding a new phone or signing up for 5G internet.

“We’ve always known that we had a presence here in Greenville. All of our customers travel pretty far to get service from T-Mobile. When we were shopping for areas to get into the smaller local communities, Greenville met all of our points and it was a great opportunity for us and wanted to expand here,” said Dillon.

Dillon also believes T-Mobile provides the best customer service over any other carrier, “The other guys talk about putting their customers first, but they don’t really do that when they charge extra for things like 5G and the other stuff that we believe other people should have access to. We don’t charge you for those things. When we say we have the largest and fastest 5G, we truly do, we don’t fluff it.”

Dillon added that T-Mobile has one of the friendliest staffs around and they always put the customer first and value the community.

Rachel Neal, president of the Darke Couty Chamber of Commerce, welcomed and expressed her excitement that bigger companies see a need to come to a community like Greenville. She noted that T-Mobile is already showing their interest in the community and have participated in several Chamber of Commerce events since coming to town.

Since opening, the T-Mobile store has seen a lot of interest in 5G internet, especially from those trying to break away from the big internet companies and those who live in the rural parts of Darke County.

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