Daugherty gets cross-cultural experience


BLUFFTON — Olivia Daugherty, of Bradford, participated in a Bluffton University cross-cultural experience in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic during the month of May.

Daugherty, along with other Bluffton students, traced the geography and history of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Bluffton University students started in Germany by visiting the first concentration camp at Dachau and other major sites in downtown Munich. Students then journeyed to Poland to see the largest concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, where they learned about the site, examined artifacts and deepened their knowledge of the Holocaust. Students visited the Madjanek camp and the Warsaw ghetto. Lastly, in Krakow, they toured the former factory of Oskar Schindler. This group of students also had time to explore the rich history, culture, and cuisines of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic in various tours.

Daugherty, daughter of Bob and Sarah Daugherty, is a sophomore majoring in Communication and Media, Writing. Daugherty was a graduate of Bradford High School in 2021.

This experience fulfills Bluffton’s undergraduate cross-cultural requirement that must be completed before graduation. Students can either complete a cross-cultural experience or take six credit hours in one foreign language.

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