Scoundrels return to Gathering


Come see Scoundrels Alley at the Gathering at Garst, July 29-30, across the Street from the Garst Museum, 205 N. Broadway, Greenville.

Scoundrels Alley is a family-friendly look at the very lowest of society in early America – the destitute poor and criminal. Hear about what life was like on the bottom in early America. Visit the “Honest Days Work” dirty jobs museum and learn what options for survival you might have if you became destitute. Stop by the Scoundrels wall and see if any of the “not-so-legal” jobs sound like something you would be willing to do instead.

Then wander over to the Museum of Curiosities and be fascinated by the novelties of the ages. Join the Scoundrels for games that will teach you the secret language of the criminal gangs or even let you choose the type of criminal you might have been. But, beware! There were punishments that go along with those choices, so choose carefully.

On Sunday morning, you might also join them as Parson John leads in an 18th-century Divine Service at 10 a.m. at the Bower in the encampment.

Regretfully, Eric Paul Scites of Faire Wynds Historical Entertainment, who has been a regular entertainer at the Gathering at Garst Historical Encampment the past few years, passed away suddenly on March 4. He will be greatly missed. It was Eric’s lifelong joy to bring entertainment and education into the lives of everyone he came into contact with, and we hope he’ll be remembered fondly for doing just that! His legacy will continue on in Scoundrels Alley… As Susan, Carol and Frank (Penelope, Maggie, and Ould Badger) bring to life the lowest part of society in a way that is safe, approachable, historical and suited for all ages.

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