Art is Power murals now on display


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — If you drive through the downtown Greenville area, you might see something new on some of the power boxes. The brightly colored artwork was installed in time for Main Street Greenville’s First Friday’s Artisan Stroll on Friday, Aug. 4.

The artwork was commissioned by the Greenville Mural Committee of Main Street Greenville through its Art is Power program.

The power box murals took the artwork of selected artwork from Greenville High School students and digitized the art onto vinyl, which was installed by Joe Wintrow of Wintrow Signs who donated his service.

The students who had their designs chosen for the power boxes are Natalie Evans (West Water Street and South Broadway), Skylar Fletcher (YOLO Park corner), Briana “Rowen” Flory (East Main and Walnut), Sami Frens (East Third St. and South Broadway), Kate Garber (East Fourth St. and South Broadway), Bella Ornelas (West Main and Sycamore), and Lexi Slade (East Fifth St. and South Broadway).

Ornelas sat by the power box with her design during the Artisan Stroll to answer questions. A smile crossed her face when she began to discuss her design. She said her art teacher gave instructions to draw whatever brings you happiness and she thought about the sun and moon, flowers and rainbows. She said she had been thinking about the image she eventually drew and wanted to put it on something.

Ornelas said she doubted that her artwork would be chosen, “I obviously tried, but I didn’t think that I was going to be one of the winners. She called my name and I thought, oh my goodness.”

The Greenville High School graduate will only get to see her art on the power box for a short time. “I’m moving a couple of states away, so I’m glad I’m leaving this here for everyone to see for a while. This is mine. This is my artwork,” she said. Ornelas is heading to the University of North Texas. She will become the third generation of her family to go the university.

Wintrow said he was very pleased with the way all of the murals came out. He is part of the mural committee and noted they have had discussions about continuing the program and possibly rotating them every one or two years. He praised the students for their contributions, but pointed out he isn’t sure which one of the power boxes he likes the most. However, is thrilled with one aspect of the murals, “It brings a lot of smiles to a lot of people,” he said.

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