Country Fest announces winners


MARIA STEIN — The Maria Stein Country Fest started out the 2023 festival by holding a blood drive in collaboration with the Community Blood Center where thirty-four units of blood were collected, and sixteen new donors registered with the Community Blood Center. At the opening ceremonies, Mercer Health announced their donation of AED Units to the three area parks in the Marion Community (Marion Township Park, Chickasaw Park, and Osgood Park) in conjunction with the theme of “Give Anther Day…Donate!”

Auction Items: In conjunction with the AED in our area parks, the following businesses purchased auction items to help pay for the maintenance of the AEDs: Klosterman Concrete, Clover Creek Farm, Dynamic Weld, and Sajacks, and funds for another item purchased by Moeller Trucking and Buschur Farms were donated to the Mercer County Cancer Association. Other auction items were purchased by: Art & Joyce Moeller, Winners Meats, Moeller Trucking, Sajacks, Gary Lochtefeld, Buschur Farms, Pleiman Landscaping, Access Engineering, and Brookside Trucking.

Volleyball Tournament Winners was the team sponsored by HDI, Inc.

Scholarship Winners were Evan Schlater, Ellie Knapke and Olivia Schulze

Country Fest Friendly Feud was won by Moeller Trucking, Inc.

Quarterback Challenge: 1st Cody Wallace (St. Marys), 2nd Brayden Mescher (Marion Local), 3rd Justin Knouff (Marion Local), 4th Will Sensabaugh (Spencerville), 5th Grady Smith (Spencerville)

5K Results: Best time was Karter Tow 15:46, Best Female time was Brianna Medcalf 18:16

Mini Indy Winners: 4 yr. old – Leo Moeller (Curtis & Stephanie Moeller) 5 yr. old – Michael Schulze (Mitchell & Hanna Schulze) 6 yr. old – Wyatt Thobe (Kurt & Julie Thobe)

Diaper Derby: Logan Heitkamp – Proud parents Todd & Katie Heitkamp

Spike Ball winners were Austin Wendel and Alex Hemmelgarn

Peyton Otte won the Adult Big Wheel Races.

Bicycle Winners (bikes donated by Buschur Farms): Anna Schwieterman & Sayge Kramer

Raffle Winners: 1st Marcia Mescher, 2nd Brad Feltz, 3rd Theresa DeBrosse, 4th Lowell Kissinger, 5th Julie Holscher, 6th Brad Holdheide, 7th Mary Jo Poeppelman, 8th Lisa Moeller, 9th Adam Kremer, 10th Kettle Corn Vendor

The Maria Stein Country Fest would like to thank all the visitors, sponsors and volunteers who enjoyed the 2023 Country Fest.

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