Cecilian Club gives memorabilia to museum


UNION CITY — The last president of Cecilian Music Club, Rebecca Burnett, has presented a scrapbook of their club’s members and activities to Ted Leahey, treasurer, to be displayed in the Railroad Museum of Union City.

The Cecilian Club of Union City was organized in 1895 and was federated in 1929 with the National Federation of Music Clubs. Since that time their members have sponsored concerts, talent shows, Christmas Hymn sings, and club meetings up through the last Christmas Hymn sing in December 2021. The club has also sponsored the Legato Club for young musicians from 1934 to 1975. The scrapbook contains the memberships and programs as well as newspaper articles of events like the Hymn Sing and the Youth Talent shows and concerts that the Club sponsored.

The compilation was accomplished through the efforts of Ellen King, the late Virginia Whittington, the late Leah Resor, Rebecca Burnett, Rachel Moystner, and Denise Mart.

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