CBC/CTS announces new name – Solvita


DAYTON — Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Center recently announced a new day in its nearly 60-year history of empowering people to save and enhance lives through blood products and tissue grafts in the Dayton region and worldwide.

As of Sept. 1, 2023 the blood and tissue centers will operate under the single name, “Solvita.”

“We are Solvita,” said Solvita CEO Christopher Graham, who revealed the corporate rebranding at the Sept. 1 Solvita announcement event.

“We have been impacting lives for decades, but under dual identities,” said Graham. “We now have one name that uniquely represents our purpose, our growth, and our aspirations for the future. That name is Solvita.”

The name Solvita comes from “sol” meaning sun and “vita” meaning life. As sunlight nurtures new life, Solvita takes the donor gift and transforms it into new hope, bringing the light of healing to patients in local hospitals receiving blood transfusions, and to those in need of tissue transplants around the world.

The Solvita sun logo replaces the former silhouette corporate logo and the blood drop CBC logo. The Solvita name and logo will be accompanied by the tag line “From One to Many,” illustrating how an individual’s selfless gift can impact countless lives.

“Our role is to take life further,” Graham said. “We are dedicated to helping our donors make a lasting impact on the world. We act as the link between generous donors and patients in need.”

CBC/CTS begins operation under the brand identity Solvita on Sept. 1.

Graham said the change will not impact day-to-day operations or existing contracts. Solvita continues as the same not-for-profit company headquartered in Dayton and Kettering, Ohio and governed by the same local, volunteer board of directors.

The region’s first blood center, founded as CBC in 1964, now serves 18 counties in western Ohio and eastern Indiana. The original Dayton Regional Tissue Bank that debuted in 1986 is now an industry leader.

“Our transformation to “Solvita” demonstrates our global strength without losing our local, hometown connection,” said Graham. “We show our innovation and sophistication without losing our personal touch. We prove that we are a special place – inside and out – that attracts talent.

“Our new identity as Solvita will help us grow in size as a company, in quality through the work we perform, and in impact through the many, many lives we touch.”

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