County’s insurance costs go up 6.2 percent


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — Darke County and its employees will be paying more for insurance in 2024, but compared to last year’s increase of 14 percent, this year’s increase is minimal.

Upon the recommendation of Kelly Everhart, human resources/business manager for the county, Darke County Commissioners Matt Aultman, Larry Holmes and Marshall Combs approved the benefit plan as presented.

According to Everhart, the rate will go up 6.2% across the board. The average increase on insurance rate increases for 2024 is hovering around 7.7 percent. “We did do a good job of keeping costs down,” Everhart said.

Everhart also looked at other plans across the region and across the state and determined that Darke County’s health insurance plan is very competitive. “We were able to stick with the plan we had. We are grandfathered in. That plan is such a great deal that it’s not even offered anymore,” she added.

Employees taking part in the county’s health insurance plan pay either 12 or 17 percent. If an individual takes out a single plan, they pay 12 percent of the cost. If they take out a plan with a spouse or family, the employee pays 17 percent of the cost. On non-wellness plans, the employee pays either 12 or 17 percent plus an additional $50 a month. The county pays the additional 83 or 88 percent.

Commissioner Holmes said, “It’s below what we anticipated and well below last year when we took a 14 percent increase.”

Commissioners also approved the life insurance plan. All employees who elect to take the health insurance get $15,000 in life insurance benefits. The county pays those costs. “The rates have stayed (the same) for as long as I’ve been here, and they are remaining the same this year,” said Everhart.

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