Benefit planned for McEldowney


GREENVILLE — A Benefit for Mary McEldowney will be held Sunday, Nov. 12, noon to 6 p.m., at Paws Bingo Hall, 848 Martin St., Greenville.

The cost is $15 per adult at the door. (Kids are free.) The entry fee will include lunch/dinner, (hog roast, sides, waters provided) raffle entry, music, photo booths, plenty of memories and

free kids activities. Additionally, there will be a 50/50 raffle, many silent auction items and more will be available at the event.

All proceeds will go directly to McEldowney. Organizers say to come whenever you can, for as long as you would like. The benefit will be an open house.

For questions and donations, call or text Alyssa Case, 937-417-8949.

After a fall in mid-January 2023, Mary McEldowney was rushed to the hospital for what was initially believed to be “just” a broken hip. While in the hospital however, the news took a turn for the worst. McEldowney was diagnosed with not one, but two terminal stage 4 cancers – both lung and bone. Her initial prognosis was that she had three months max.

After an emergency surgery, multiple blood clots, and a collapsed lung, McEldowney is back up, walking, fighting and proving the doctors’ initial prognosis wrong. Chemo, palliative radiation, rehab and hard work have helped her to regain her independence. She will tell you it was her love for “her kids” that kept her determination and will power so strong.

Anyone that has ever met McEldowney has a story to tell of how she has touched their lives and of a positive impact she has had on their family. She has been an advocate for the poor, hungry and disabled for decades. She has been a regular volunteer at food banks, ministries, and outreach programs for many years, often spending all of her ‘extra’ time and money on helping others in any way she can.

McEldowney has also helped students, schools, churches, the Humane Society, and countless other non-profits by writing grants and advocating for scholarships and awards to buy equipment and continue so many missions in making the world a better place. Famous for ringing her cowbell she remains an active follower of all ‘her kids’ activities, sports, special events and along the way adopting almost everyone she’s met as her own; never failing to show love and support that not even the chemo and radiation can deter.

It is now our turn to repay some of the love she has shown to local families and community. Please come out to spend the afternoon lifting up and supporting McEldowney the way she has for so many. The support she receives will help her to continue her treatments, medications and fight to live.

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