Buschur help students estimate yields


VERSAILLES — On Sept. 28, Caden Buschur Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator for Darke County spoke to the Versailles Agricultural Education Classes. Buschur spoke about staging vegetative growth, determining vegetative and reproductive growth stages in corn, Growing Degree Days (GDDs), calculating GDDs, estimating corn yields using the Yield Component Method and the importance of knowing estimated corn yields. Individual ears of corn were brought in for Versailles Ag Ed students to calculate the potential yield using the Yield Component Method.

Buschur’s presentation helped kick off the Versailles FFA Corn Growing Contest. Any Versailles Ag Ed student could bring in corn until Oct. 20 to participate in the Corn Growing Challenge. A special thank you to Buschur for sharing his knowledge with the classes and to Jeff Wuebker for gathering the corn used in class

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