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Vote No on Issue 1

Dear Editor:

On the Nov. 7, 2023 election, Issue 1, the Abortion Ballot Initiative, will be voted on. I urge voters to vote “NO” on this extreme amendment to make abortion legal through 9 months. Shadowy out-of-state groups are pouring money into Issue 1.

Aesop said, “we are known by the company we keep”. George Soros has pumped $500, 000 into the campaign to pass Issue 1. Dr. Martin Haskell, the abortionist at the Women’s Med Center in Kettering, has contributed $100,000. He is known for his “partial birth” abortion procedure which has been banned both federally and in Ohio .

The Jewish philosopher Samson Raphael Hirsh said, “every person is a world onto itself”. Vote “NO” on Issue 1 to support the small wonder waiting to be born and to stop the war on the unborn!


Mary Gigandet


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